• Opening Hours: Open 24 hours


Dental department NRCH is one of the best and well equipped department in Northern Railway. It provides comprehensive quality dental treatment to Railway beneficiaries with a smile, in almost all disciplines of dentistry like Conservative Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics, Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Oral Medicine and Oral Radiology. 

Doctors in Department: Two

  • Dr. Parveen Sharma (Chief Dental Surgeon)

  • Dr. Naveeta Mittal (Senior Divisional Dental Surgeon/SG) 

Details of Department including:

  1. Equipment: Six fully equipped Dental Chairs and Units, three Dental X-Ray Machines, two RVG Machines, one Digital OPG and Ceph Machine, two Autoclaves, Soft Tissue Diode Laser, Ultrasonic Scalers, Endomotor, Apex Locator and Light Cure Units.

  2. Beds: Dental patients are admitted in surgical wards whenever required

  3. Operation Details: Various types of minor, major and special operations are done in routine under L.A. and G.A. If required, Consultant assistance is taken on case to case basis.



Conservative dentistry

Simple and complex restorations of carious and fractured teeth with metallic & tooth coloured restorative materials.


Root canal treatment of single and multi-rooted teeth with hand and rotary file system.

Oral and maxillo-facial surgery

  1. Extractions of decayed and mobile teeth.

  2. Surgical extractions of badly decayed and impacted teeth

  3. Enucleation of cysts

  4. Closed & open reduction of facial bone fractures

  5. Replantation of avulsed teeth

  6. Apicoectomy,Frenectomy,Alveolectomy and alveoplasty Closure of Oro-antral fistula

  7. Hemimandibulectomy and rehabilitation with reconstruction plate


  1. Oral prophylaxis involving scaling, polishing, root planing and deep curettage

  2. Periodontal surgery and splinting

  3. Crown lengthening surgery


  1. In children, in addition to procedures mentioned earlier:

  2. Serial extractions and space maintainers as a part of interceptive orthodontics

  3. Preventive Dentistry

  4. Annual school dental health check up in railway schools and health units and imparting dental health education


  1. Correction of mal-aligned teeth with the help of removable orthodontics

  2. Myofunctional appliances

  3. Habit breaking appliances

  4. Preparation of night guard


  1. Rehabilitation of completely edentulous and partially edentulous patients with full and removable partial dentures

  2. Repair of broken dentures and appliances

  3. Obturators and vaginal and nasal prosthesis

Dental Radiology

  1. Intra-oral periapical and occlusal x-rays

  2. Digital panoramic and cephalometric x-rays of jaws

  3. Radiovisiography

Oral medicine

Management of oral mucosal lesions (lichen planus,oral submucous fibrosis,aphthae,epulis etc.) by conservative and surgical means


There are two fully programmable electronic autoclaves and two glass bead steriliser for sterilisation of instruments


  1. Where should I go for my dental problem?
    Ans:Dental problems are attended in Dental OPD on ground floor room no. 3.

  2. What are dental OPD days and timings.?
    Ans:Dental OPD is held on all working days from 9 am to 1pm except thursday.Long dental procedures and surgeries with prior appointments are done on Thursdays and from 2-4 pm.
    OPD slips are accepted from 8.30 am to 11.30 am.Patients are attended on first come first serve basis by token distribution.As dental patients need one or the other time consuming procedure,thatís why patients are requested to come upto 11.30.Real dental emergencies are attended any day,anytime.

  3. How many doctors are there in dental department and what are their OPD days?
    Ans.There are two regular doctors in dental OPD.
    Dr Parveen Sharma-Chief Dental Surgeon
    Dr Naveeta Mittal-Senior Divisional Dental Surgeon(SG)
    There is one senior resident and one part time dental surgeon on contractual basis.
    OPD days of all doctors are same as above.

  4. What are the facilities being provided in dental department?
    Ans:Following facilities are available in dental department:

    • Metallic and tooth coloured restorations

    • Root canal treatment

    • Oral prophylaxis and all types of periodontal surgeries

    • Extraction of extensively decayed teeth, impacted teeth,surgical management of odontogenic and non-odontogenic cysts and tumors of oral cavity, granuloma, fractured teeth and jaws

    • Dental radiography(Dental X-rays,OPG & Lateral cephalogram)

    • Patients are being sent to recognised centres for Dental CT /CBCT and MRI.
    • Conservative and surgical management of oral lesions

    • Removable orthodontic appliances

    • Complete dentures, partial dentures, night guard and obturators

  5. Which hospitals are empanelled for dental treatment?
    Ans:No private hospitals are empanelled for dental treatment.However,patients can get reffered to government dental colleges/hospitals.Procedure charges are reimbursable.Cost of materials and outsourced lab charges are not reimbursable.

  6. What is the procedure for reimbursement for dental procedures not being done in railway hospital?
    Ans:Charges for facilities not available in railway hospital are reimbursable for CGHS approved procedures and rates.No reimbursement claim for treatment is considered without taking prior approval of authorised dental surgeon.

    In cases,where treatment is taken in emergency situations like in maxillo-facial trauma,authorised dental surgeon should be informed within 24 hours of availing medical assistance.