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The department of Ear, Nose & Throat in Northern Railway Central Hospital is committed to patient care. It has been delivering expert preventive, diagnostic and curative services to patients for decades now. It provides comprehensive and specialized care, both medical and surgical, for the Ear, Nose, Throat & Head and Neck diseases. The department has three specialist consultants (IRMS doctors), two senior residents & five D.N.B trainee doctors, besides support staff.

Out Patient Services: It being a referral centre for whole of Northern Railways, the department gets large number of patients from places like Moradabad, Jagadhari, Jhansi, Agra, Ambala Firozpur, Lucknow etc . ENT consultation and counseling is given to the patients with full empathy.

Minor Procedures like Biopsies of cases of head and neck malignancies, Foreign body removal from ear, nose & throat, Lobuloplasties, Ear wax removal, Micro suction of ear , Cut & lacerated wound repair, Tracheostomy tube care and management, Epistaxis management, Cautery patching for small TM perforations, Lacrimal system probing and Syringing are done in the minor procedure room of OPD.

Endoscopy Services: The ENT OPD has a dedicated endoscopy unit for Ear endoscopy, nasal endoscopy and laryngoscopy (for hoarseness in voice, dysphagia evaluation, head and neck cancer evaluation) etc is done.

Audiological Services: The department is well equipped to carry out comprehensive audiological investigations. ENT department at NRCH houses a separate sound treated Audiology room and a BERA/ VNG room with availability of following tests: Pure tone audiometry, Tympanometry (Impedance audiometry), Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA), Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) and hearing aid trail.

Allergy Testing which includes Skin Prick Test (SPT) is done. 

Vertigo Management: Thorough clinical examination of vertigo patients and management of the same is done. It has a state of the art Video-nystagmography (VNG) machine for diagnosing vertigo. 

Provision of Hearing Aid to railway beneficiaries.

OT Services: NRCH houses separate ENT OT with equipments like Coblator, Storz endoscopic unit and Carl Zeiss operating microscope. It carries out all routine & advanced surgeries of ENT & Head & Neck region.

Ear: Endoscopic tympanoplasties, Post-aural tympanoplasties, Myringotomy with grommet insertion, Ossiculoplasty, Mastoidectomy- inside out technique, Cortical Mastoidectomy, Modified Radical Mastoidectomy, Stapedectomy, Facial Nerve decompression etc.

Nose: Endoscopic Sinus surgery, Septoplasty, Endoscopic DCR, Turbinoplasty using Coblator, CSF Leak repair, Surgery for removal of Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma (JNA), Fracture reduction nasal bone, Rhinoplasty etc.

Throat: Coblator assisted adenoidectomy, Tonsillectomy, Volumetric reduction of tongue base using coblator, Tongue and palatal surgeries etc.

Larynx: Microlaryngeal surgery for vocal cord lesions, Biopsy of upper airway lesions etc

Head and Neck: Biopsy of growth in head and neck region, Tracheostomy, Bronchoscopy, Submandibular Gland excision, Sistrunk’s operation for thyroglossal cyst, Thyroidectomy, Parotidectomy, Hemi glossectomy, Neck dissections etc.

Indoor services: Treatment of all ENT infections like Skull base osteomyelitis, tonsillitis, Ludwig's angina, Otitis externa, Middle ear infections not responding to oral medication, Quinsy, etc. Treatment of cases of Fungal sinusitis including Mucormycosis. Supportive care to patients of Head and Neck cancer undergoing chemo- radiotherapy in collaboration with Oncologist at NRCH.


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